The Lean Entrepreneur's Mindset
  • Why lean principles will save you huge amounts of time & money
  • How to avoid wasting $1,000's of dollars
  • The truth about startup funding
  • Why execution is more important than your 'idea'
  • The power of getting started
Customer Development
  • Talking to customers is your secret weapon
  • What questions you should be asking
  • Why you need to stop pitching and listen
  • Recurring painpoints are gold!
Building your MVP
  • What is an MVP?
  • The power of creativity and building things that don't scale
  • You have one goal: prove your assumption
Building the solution
  • Get feedback and reiterate often
  • Testing will make you rich
  • Protect your idea
Scale your Business
  • Course review
  • Surround yourself with successful people
  • Failure is the secret of success
Extra Material
  • Bonus Lecture: Why My Perspective On Marketing Has Changed Forever
  • Module 1: Slides
  • Module 2: Slides
  • Module 3: Slides
  • Module 4: Slides
  • Module 5: Slides
Bonuses To Help You Thrive As A New Online Business Owner
  • How-To Build An Online Business Without Technology Getting In The Way
  • The Hero With A Dream