Basics of Product Management
  • Introduction to Product Management
  • Product Manager's Work in Offline Domain
  • Product Manager's Work in Online (Internet Tech) Domain
  • Product Manager's work at Amazon's PDP Team
  • Why is PM getting so much of traction?
  • Who do Product Managers work with?
  • Skills required to be a Product Manager
  • Product Managers Salaries & Career Path
Product Manager's Work
  • Introduction to Product Manager's scope of work
  • Product Development Lifecycle 4D Framework: Discovery, Define, Deliver, Diagnose
  • Amazon Returns Problem Statement & Discussion
  • Discovery Phase
  • Define Phase
  • Development Phase
  • Diagnose Phase & Closure
  • Summary
Resume Building & Common Mistakes
  • Introduction to Resume Building
  • Power/Action Words
  • Skills & Certification
  • Objective/Summary
  • Networking - Mistakes & Tips
Portfolio & Brahmastra
  • Portfolio Building for Product Managers
  • Brahmastra (Ultimate weapon for getting noticed)
Interview Guidance
  • Introduction to Product Manager interviews
  • Common Interview Questions asked for Product Management roles
  • Mock interview (roleplay) for Product Manager Interview Round
  • Interview Analysis
  • Behavioral Questions