Code the World for Beginners
  • My First Program a Time Machine!
  • We program time and numbers
  • We need a Tool
  • Modular Programming
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Internet Programming
  • Game Programming
DataBase Programming
  • Operating System Coding
  • Code a Query with SQL
  • Program a Statistic
  • Program a Form to View
  • DataBase Programming with SQL and Reports
Interface and Network Programming
  • Crypto and Security Programming
  • Parallel or Asynchronous Interface Coding
  • Serial Interface RS232 Coding
  • Event Driven API Coding
  • Web Server and Socket Interface Coding
Physical Computing and Internet of Things Programing
  • Arduino System Coding Part I & II
  • WinCOM Serial / Arduino Coding with Component Object Model
  • Regular Expressions RegEx Coding
  • Android Programing (2015)
  • COM Services and Web Interface Coding
  • Real Time Systems Programming
  • Web of Things or Internet of Things Programing
Advanced Coding Concepts
  • Clean Code Topic
  • Socket Programming with TCP
  • XML & Tree Coding
  • DLL Libraries or Component Coding
  • UML Modeling & Scripting
  • GEO Map & GIS Coding Part I & II
  • Closures Coding Concept
  • Advanced Coding Test
  • Video BASTA Programing Conference
  • Machine Learning with Vide
  • Predict a Trend