Welcome to Excel Basics
  • Introduction
  • The Power and Possibilities of Excel Templates
Excel Basics - Creating a Document From Scratch
  • Saving Your Excel File Where You Can Find It
  • Entering Data Into Your Worksheet
  • Easy Ways You Can Select Cells in Your Worksheet
  • How You Can Use Simple Formulas to Add and Multiply
  • Creating a Document from Scratch Quiz
Excel Spreadsheet Tutorial - Create Kitchen Remodel Costs Worksheet
  • Adding and Formatting a Heading
  • Entering and Alphabetizing Words In Your Worksheet
  • Entering and Formatting Numbers In Your Worksheet
  • Using Formulas to Multiply and Add Your Data
  • Final Formatting - Add Borders and Color
  • Printing Your Work
  • Creating a Kitchen Remodel Cost Worksheet
Conclusion - Thank You and Bonus
  • Thank You
  • Learn More - Other Courses by Steve McDonald (bonus lecture)