Basic of PLC, Hardware and Software
  • How to do wiring of the PLC - Hardware section wiring.
  • How to download and install Fatek PLC programming software Winproladder
  • How Winproladder Works? Working and Functions of Fatek PLC Software
  • How to use NO, NC & COIL Functions in Fatek PLC programming
  • How to communicate, download and upload fatek plc program
Professional Section of PLC Programming
  • How to make a simulation in Fatek PLC programming Winproladder SOftware
  • How to Use SET & RESET functions in Fatek PLC Winproladder Software
  • What does retentive and non retentive mean in PLC programming?
  • Memory function, retentive and non retentive memory in plc programming
  • Timer fucntions, How to use timers in plc programming
  • Counter functions, How to use counters in plc programming
  • How to use Comparator Functions in fatek plc programming
  • Mathematics Functions in fatek plc programming (add, subs, mul, div)
  • Industrial Conditions PLC Practice