Welcome To MDL Lite Mastery Course
  • MDL Lite Course Introduction
  • Material Design Lite Framework Introduction
  • Getting Started Download and Setup Google Material Design Framework
  • CUSTOMIZE & DOWNLOAD : Choosing Your Color Scheme (primary and accent color)
Expolring Different Features of Framework
  • Basic of Grid System: Creating a basic 2 column layout
  • Using MDL Badges
  • How to use Material Design Lite Buttons with Display and Click Effects
Material icons guide
  • How to Material Design icon ?
Using Google Fonts
  • Google Web Fonts
  • How to use MDL Tables
Forms & Buttons
  • MDL Forms TextFields (Input fields)
  • Using MDL Buttons Component
10 New videos haev been added about Responsive Grid system
  • 10 New videos haev been added about Responsive Grid system
The Responsive Grid System
  • introduction to MDLLite Responsive Grid System
  • Using MDL Lite Grid to create multicolumn websites
  • MDLLite Grid for tablets and phones
Create a fully reponsive website from scratch with MDLLite Framework
  • Final Responsive Website that you will learn to create
  • Final Responsive Website Basic page mark up
  • Final Responsive Website Header Markup
  • Final Responsive Website Sidebar Navigation for Tablets and Mobiles
  • Final Responsive Website Main Section Markup
  • Using Icons and Search fields for sidebar and Primary section
  • Creating 3 columns Responsive Footer Section
  • Download Final Project Files