Introduction to the United Nations and the benefits of working for them
  • Introduction: Why start a career at the United Nations
Understanding the United Nations system
  • How does the United Nations recruit staff
  • Selecting a Duty Station
  • List of Duty Stations Designated as Non-Family Duty Stations
  • Level system and salaries
  • Understanding the Post-Adjustments
  • Post Adjustment Circular
  • United Nations Salaries for Professional
  • What type of contracts and job duration you should apply for
  • Understanding the Steps system
  • United Nations official languages
  • The recruitment process from the side of the applicant
How to select a location, a level, a contract type and choose the best location
  • How to apply for United Nations Jobs and Contracts
  • How to select a post and a Duty Station
  • How to increase your odds
  • What is best for your family
  • Who are you competing against?
  • How to prepare yourself before you apply
The Testing
  • Failure can be an advantage
  • initial testing
  • How to succeed your test
The Interview
  • How to prepare for your interview
  • Practice your interview
  • How to succeed your interview
  • Hours before your interview
  • Understanding and practicing CAR: Challenge, Action and Results
  • List of Interview questions
  • After the Interview
After you are recruited
  • What to do if you are recruited
  • You may need money at the point for your relocation