• Why I Am Qualified To Teach This Course
  • Overview of How to Hire An Employee Online
The Importance Of Outsourcing Your Work
  • What is YOUR time worth to you?
  • Scaling Your Business
Best Practices on Managing and Communicating with Your Virtual Assistant
  • Managing Shared Files in Google Drive
  • Using OBS Studio To Capture Your Screen For Training
  • Using LastPass to Give Your Employees Access Without Knowing Passwords
  • Using Timedoctor to Track Your Employees Time and Processes
Where and How to Find Your First Employee
  • The Sites I Recommenced Using
  • Navigating
  • Navigating Onlinejobs.Ph
The Full Hiring Process
  • Reviewing Applicants from Job Posting
  • Tips For Negotiating Pay With Your Virtual Assistant
  • Finalizing Your Hire on
  • Training Your Virtual Assistant
  • Reviewing Your Employees Work On Upwork
  • When To Terminate Employment Of A Virtual Assistant
Drop shipping Specific Content
  • My Advice On Progressing Your Virtual Assistant
  • eBay Folders Set Up
  • Creating A Limited VA Login For PayPal
  • Using a VA Login on SaleFreaks
  • Adding a VA account To Your Chili-Hunter Software
  • Build a TEAM That Communicates and Works Together
  • Thank You For Taking the Course!
  • Bonus Lecture