• Introduction
  • Writing your first HTML page
  • Adding navigation with SVG logo and sign in button
  • Adding CSS fonts and styles + box sizing
  • Adding the heading and tag line
  • Adding the heading’s “join now” button
  • Adding 3 features with flex box
  • Adding tabs with a bit of JavaScript
  • Adding content within the tabs including Font Awesome icon
  • Adding the final footer section
  • Project introduction
  • Basic HTML structure
  • Adding the navigation bar and using the Bootstrap framework
  • Adding the header background image and gradient
  • Adding the header carousel, slides and content with the Jumbotron component
  • Adding custom fonts
  • Adding a content section with two columns
  • Adding another section with CSS rotated images
  • Adding an informational section with an image and inline links
  • Adding the subscriptions section
  • Adding the footer
  • Fixing the width
  • Project introduction
  • Defining the basic page structure
  • Adding a simple top banner
  • Adding the search bar with JavaScript to dynamically change options
  • Adding the second layer of navigation links
  • Adding the Bootstrap carousel with sliders
  • Adding the four product columns
  • Adding the fist footer
  • Adding the last footer
  • Is a coding bootcamp for you?
  • Ironhack info session.