Recording & Editing Your Podcast
  • Welcome to Podcast Acadamy
  • Introduction
  • Adding a "Track" To Your Podcast Recording
  • Recording Your Podcast "Track" in Audacity
  • Duplicating a Track For Editing
  • Deleting Dead Audio From Your Podcast
  • Balancing & Normalizing Track Volume
  • Add Music To Your Podcast
  • Adjusting Your Podcast Track Position
  • Saving Your Recording (Regularly!)
  • Adjusting The Intro Music Volume Pre-Export
Get To Know Your Gear
  • Understanding microphones
Interviewing with Google Voice
  • Setting up Your Interview
  • Record a Google Call
  • Importing Interview Into Podcast Recording
Preparing Your Podcast for Distribution
  • What is an ID3 tag in iTunes and how to create one in your podcast