Course Introduction
  • What Programming Language Should I Learn First?
  • Top 4 Reasons Why You MUST Learn Computer Programming
Learn the Basics Through Visual Exercises
  • The Turtle
  • Turtle in One Go
  • Variables
  • String
The Power of Functions
  • Fun Fun Functions
  • Functions with Multiple Arguments
  • Looping Squares
Project 1
  • Project: Circle of Squares
  • Solution: Circle of Squares
Data Types
  • Primitive Data Types
  • Lists of Things
  • Append List Method
  • English Dictionary? NO. Python Dictionary.
Conditionals and Control Flow
  • Boolean Algebra Jiu-Jitsu
  • Logical AND OR NOT
  • Conditionals and Control Flow
  • For Loop Like A Boss
Exercises (a.k.a Drill and Kill)
  • Square A Number
  • Check Is Odd
  • Check Is Even
  • Find Length of a String
  • Last Letter of a String
  • Who's the Bigger Guy?
  • Who's the Biggest Guy?
  • Usain Bolt Races You and Qazi
Project 2: Rock Paper Scissors
  • Rock Paper Scissors
  • Solution: Rock Paper Scissors