• Introduction
  • Introduction to Google Colab
Basic Python Concepts
  • Working with Variables and Datatypes
  • Use of "ls" command
Arithmatic Operation in Python
  • Basic Arithmatic Operations
  • Arithmatic Operation Continue..
Conditioning and Looping
  • IF-ELSE Condition
  • For Loop
  • While Loop
Working with Methods
  • Creating and Calling Methods
  • Creating Method with no return type
Working with List and Arrays
  • Creating a List
  • Fetching items from List
  • Modifying items in list
  • Copying item from parent list to child list
  • Merging List
Tuple, Set and Dictionary
  • Introduction to Tuple, Set and Dictionary
  • Working with Tuple
  • Working with Set
  • Dictionary in Python
Working with Class and Package
  • Introduction and Quick recap
  • Importing packages
  • Creating your own class
Thank you Note
  • Thank you Note
Downlable Resource
  • Download practice notebook