• Introduction and Course Overview
Command Line Primer (OSX/Linux)
  • Print Working Directory and Change Directory
  • Make a New Folder
  • Make and delete a New File
  • Learn More about the Command Line
Command Line Primer (Windows)
  • Learning Resources
Text Editors
  • Install Visual Studio Code and Plugins for Salesforce® Development
  • Install the 'code' command
  • Other Recommended Text Editors
SFDX Setup and Basic Commands
  • Link: Dev Hub Trial Org Sign Up
  • Sign Up for A Dev Hub Org Trial
  • Link: SFDX CLI Installation
  • Install the SFDX CLI
  • Create a Scratch Org
  • Pushing and Pulling Code to/from Scratch Orgs
  • Why this is important: Pushing/Pulling Code and Changes
Git Primer
  • Download + Install Git
  • Setup Git and GitHub
  • Commit changes to your Repo and Push to Git Hub
  • Create and switch to a new branch
  • Learn Git
Add Git to Your SFDX Project
  • Add Git to Your SFDX Project
  • Why this is important: Git
Manage Users with SFDX
  • Create A User
  • Create A User and Specify Username/Email
  • Generate a Password and List Users
  • Why this is important: Users
  • Display the Schema for an Object
  • List the Objects for a Category
  • Why this is important: Schemas
Manage Data with SFDX
  • Execute SOQL with SFDX
  • SOQL Resources
  • Create a Record
  • Read a Record
  • Delete A Record
  • Update a Record
  • Why this is important: Data
Apex with SFDX
  • Execute Anonymous Apex Code
  • View Logs
  • Create an Apex Class
Deploying with SFDX
  • Section Intro
  • Git Repo For This Section
  • Get the Repo for This Section
  • Push to Scratch Org
  • Push to Dev/Sandbox Org
Getting Fancy and Next Steps
  • App Development and Continuous Integration With SFDX
  • Other Learning Resources