Test Driven Development Section
  • Introduction
  • Why do we need Test Driven Development(TDD)
  • What is Test Driven Development?
  • TDD for Android
  • TDD Benefits
  • Behavior Driven Development(BDD)
  • TDD Quiz
Testing Pyramid for Android
  • Testing Types
  • white box testing
  • black box testing
  • Testing Types Quiz
  • feedback
learn Unit Testing : Junit section
  • Introduction for Junit4
  • Junit:Build SImple Calculator
  • Junit:Build Simple Calculator2
  • Junit:BuildSimpleCalculator-Multiplication and subtraction
  • Junit:Build Simple Calculator-DIvision
  • Junit:Throw Exception and Ignore test
  • Junit Fixtures
  • Junit Suite:NoteTaking Example
  • Junit Rule: Predefined Rules and Custom Rules
  • Parametric Testing
  • Junit Quizz
learn Unit Testing :Mockito section
  • Introduction
  • Mocking methods for Mockito
  • Stub Test:NoteTakingExample
  • StubTest:NoteTakingExample-part2
  • Mockito Mock:NoteTakingExample
  • Mockito Limitations
  • Mockito Spy
  • Mockito Stub using Spy mocking
Build Android APP Using TDD and Model View Presenter(MVP)
  • Add Login Screen Layout
  • Add Login Presenter Test CLass
  • Add Happy scenario for login
  • Add happy Scenario for login with Login View interface
  • Write Actual implementation for happy scenario for login
  • Write Another test case for wrong credentials for login
  • Write Actual Implementation for wrong credentials
  • Write another test case for the number of wrong attempts for login
  • Write Actual Implementation for passing the attempts count of failed login
  • Implement Login View for our Login Activity with callbacks
Additional Materials
  • More Material
  • Bonus Lecture: Coupons