Welcome to magical vocabulary world
  • Let me welcome all of you :)
Let's see how a simple vocabulary becomes magical :)
  • I love BANANA :)
  • What do you mean by "MILK"? Let's learn the different meaning of MILK.
The world of colors....pick out your best one :)
  • Let's learn the unique meaning of "Grey"
  • Are you getting red ????
  • Why are you feeling 'BLUE', my buddy ?
  • Hey !! What's next ? Brown :)
Wow !! how animals can be used to articulate our opinions in better way ?
  • Are you sheep?
  • What do you mean by "DOG"
  • Don't 'COW" me.
  • Do you "WOLF" the food ?
  • Why are you getting my 'GOAT'
  • Let's learn 'LION' king of jungle.
Practical Uses of these words in our daily conversation
  • Practical uses of vocabulary
  • Tax Your Brain
Let's sum up!!
  • Sum-up
So here I am ....:)
  • Let's have chit-chat about me..
  • Use these vocabulary in daily life conversation.
  • I love Banana & milk:)
  • I love colors :)
  • Wow..! let's go to jungle :)