1.Introduction to the Course
  • 1.Introduction
2.Basics of Accounting
  • Basic Concepts of Accounting
  • 3.Application of the Basic concepts of accounting
  • Basic Concepts of Accounting Quiz
3. Features of Wave Accounting used in day-day Activities by the Entrepreneurs.
  • Setting up of a company in Wave Accounting
  • Setting up or Connecting of Bank and Credit account to Wave
  • Setting up of Customer Account or Creating Customer Account in Wave
  • Creating Invoice in Wave
  • Receiving of payment from Customer through Wave
  • Uploading of Receipts in Wave
  • Creating Bill in Wave
  • Setting up of Multiple Companies in the same Wave account
  • How to give Access Permission to others or Accountant to use your Wave account
  • How to Find an Accountant for maintaining your books on Wave
  • Practice activities for Section-3
Accounting in Wave
  • Setting up of Chart of Accounts
  • Uploading of Bank transaction in Wave Account
  • Transfer of fund from one account to another.
  • Categorization of the Income and Expenses to Correct Accounts.
  • Recording of Journal Entries & Account Balance
  • Setting of Financial Year End.
  • Merge Duplicate transactions
  • Setting up of Sales tax in Wave
  • Splitting of transactions between Personal and business Expenses and Income
  • Unlinking transfer Entries
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Practice activities for Section-4
Understanding the various reports in Wave Accounting
  • Financial Report in Wave for Business use.