• Introduction
  • What do you know before starting?
  • Comparing NGINX to Apache
  • How to Setup a SANBOX with VirtualBox and Vagrant
  • Create a VM with Vagrant
Install and configure NGINX step by step
  • How to Install NGINX on UBUNTO
  • NGINX files and Directories
  • The NGINX command-line interface
  • Configure a virtual host-1
  • Configure a virtual host -2
  • Add files to the root directory
  • Configure Locations
  • How to Configure Logs
  • Tips for Troubleshoot of NGINX
Linux and NGINX,MYSQL and PHP stack
  • What is LEMP?
  • How to Install PHP on NGINX
  • Install MariaDB on NGINX
  • LEMP Stack demo
What and How NGINX Security
  • How to secure Sites with NGINX
  • How to Configure allow and deny Directives?
  • How to Create 403 Page?
  • Configure Password Authentication
  • How to Configure HTTPS?
  • How to Create SSL certificate?
  • How to Install SSL certificate on NGINX
What and How to use Reverse Proxies and Load Balancers
  • What is Reverse Proxies and Load balancing?
  • Configure NGINX as a reverse proxy
  • How to configure NGINX as load balancer
  • Install NGINX on ubuntu 18 LTS step by step in one lecture