• Introduction
What is SEO?
  • What is SEO?
  • Why is SEO Important?
Using Yoast SEO for WordPress
  • What is Yoast SEO for WordPress?
  • Installing Yoast SEO Plugin on WordPress
Selecting Your Target Keyword
  • How to Select Your Target Keyword/s
Selecting Your Main Title
  • Selecting the Title
The H2 Text
  • Using H2 Text in Your Online Content
The Structure of Your Content
  • Designing the Structure of Your Online Content
Adding Alt Text to Images
  • How to Add Alt Text to Images for SEO
SEO Title
  • Selecting your SEO Title
Slug of Your Content
  • Creating the Slug
The Metadescription
  • Writing your Metadescription
  • Example of Metadescription
External and Internal links
  • Adding External and Internal Links for SEO
Frequently Asked Questions about SEO
  • Getting All Green Lights and More Than One Keyword
  • Should My Content be Easy to Read?
  • Is SEO Really That Important?
The End - Thank You
  • SEO Recap
  • Thank You!