Introduction to course and contents
  • Learning Yoga made Easy
Mind and Its Types
  • Importance of Mind in Yoga
  • The Story of Elephant and the Fly
  • Moral- Convert a restless mind to a focused one.
  • The Story of Turtle and Two Swans
  • Moral- Transform from a distracted mind to focused one.
  • The Story of Dull King and the Monkey
  • Moral- Dull and Lethargic mind is dangerous
  • The Story of Lion and the Hare
  • Moral- A focused mind can overcome any difficulty
  • The Story of White Flea and the Bug
  • Moral- Mind control, a key to liberation
  • Yoga General Knowledge
Life is Problems
  • Life is Problems- Introduction to kleshas and badhak tattvas
  • The Story of Son, Mongoose and Cobra
  • Moral- Ignorance is mother of all sufferings
  • The Story of Tiger and the Traveller
  • Moral: Attachment with anything is dangerous
  • The Story of King Frog and Cobra
  • Moral- Hatred leads to self-destruction
  • The Story of Monkeys and the Birds
  • Moral- Excess talkativeness distracts you from your path
  • The Story of Heron and Crow
  • Moral- Avoid company of common people
  • Self assesment activity
  • Yogic Life hurdles Assessment Test
Living is Solving Problems
  • Living is solving problems! Introduction
  • The Story of Elephant and Sparrows
  • Moral- Non-violence is highest practice
  • The Story of Blue Jackal
  • Moral- Truth is Eternal
  • The Story of Four Learned Men
  • Moral- Practice Celibacy and Universal Consciousness
  • The Story of Heron, Snake and Mangoose
  • Moral- Self study is the best policy
  • The Story of the Weaver
  • Moral- Work is Worship
  • Summary Sheet at a glance
  • Yogic Social Observances Test for Kids
  • Panchatantra and Yogasutra- Ebook in English