Installation The Vulnerable-website !
  • The item-box website is vulnerable-website made by PHP/MySQL !
How to works the Test-WebSite ?
  • The Adding for a new game item !
  • The Approval for registering of a new game item by admin !
  • How this website process The Login !
  • Admin Pages
  • Search Pages
  • Let's Examine MYSQL database !
SQLmap the powerful cracking tool of Databases !
  • Using SQLmap for a basic playing.
Attacking for the search-page !
  • How to examine and get informations.
Attacking for the login-page !
  • How to examine and get informations.
The Protection
  • How to protect my website.
OWASP-ZAP Proxy Scanner + DVWA + SQLmap (Let's combine the hacking tools)
  • OWASP-ZAP + SQLmap Attack (The Authorized-Scan)
OWASP-ZAP Proxy Scanner + DVWA with the shields (The High-Level protections)
  • Protect DVWA website from OWASP-ZAP Scanner!