• Welcome and overview
  • The need for intelligence analyst certifications
Critical Thinking and Avoiding Bias
  • Course administration and supplemental material
  • Thinking about thinking I; critical thinking
  • Critical thinking quiz
  • Thinking about thinking II; logical, probable, and plausible reasoning
  • Analytic pitfalls
  • Insights into problem solving
  • Section review quiz
Getting the Question Right
  • Problem restatement
  • Section review quiz
Intelligence Research and Collection
  • Gathering the evidence
  • Evaluating the evidence
  • Section review quiz
Intelligence Analysis
  • Selecting the right technique
  • Realizing the power of analytics: arming the human mind
  • Sorting, chronologies, and timelines
  • The matrix
  • Decision/event trees
  • Link analysis
  • Analysis of competing hypotheses (ACH)
  • Argument evaluation and reevaluation
  • Final certification exam
  • Bonus Lecture