Life Coaching 101
  • What is a Life Coach (and Why Everyone Needs One)
  • Life Coaching Synopsis (Why Coaching will Thrive in the Future Economy)
  • The Truth About Life Coaching Qualifications (Accreditation and Certification)
  • Life Coaching vs Therapy (Coaching Ethics)
  • Coaching, Consulting and Niche Coaching
  • What Does It Take to Be a Successful Life Coach?
  • Wheel of Life Coaching Tools
The 3 Secrets to Attracting Your Ideal Clients (Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes)
  • Secret 1: Heart (Mistake 1: Offering GENERAL Life Coaching Instead of NICHE Coac
  • Secret 2: Results (Mistake 2: Selling “Life Coaching” Instead of RESULTS)
  • Secret 3: Targeting (Mistake 3: Offering Coaching Sessions Instead of PACKAGES)
  • The Top 3 Marketing Strategies that Actually WORK for Life Coaches (Plus, They’r
  • BONUS Resources to Take This Further