Overview of Enterprise Infrastructure and Provision EC2 Instance
  • Overview of Hardware
  • Overview of Operating System
  • Personal Computer vs. Enterprise Server
  • Overview of Data Centers
  • Physical Machine vs. Virtual Machine
  • Signing up for AWS
  • Provision EC2 instance
  • Connecting to EC2 Instances
  • Basic Linux Commands
Server Connectivity using SSH and Profiles
  • Overview of SSH
  • Configuring SSH
  • SSH Passwordless Login
  • Copying SSH Public Key
  • Usage of password less login
  • Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues
  • Using Console to access server
  • Understanding User Profiles
Manipulate and Manage Files and Directories, Navigate History and Install HTTPD
  • Create files using touch command
  • Adding data to files using cat and redirect
  • Standard Input, Output and Error
  • Files and Directory Permissions
  • Changing Ownership
  • Copying, Moving and Deleting Files
  • Controlling access using ACLs
  • Navigating History of Commands
  • Setup HTTPD using yum
Searching and Copying Files as well as Setting up of local yum Repository
  • Getting help on commands
  • Listing files using ls command
  • Finding or searching files or directories - using find command
  • Copying files between servers using scp
  • Copying files between servers using rsync
  • Setup local yum repository overview
  • Setup local yum repository for Hadoop
  • Update repo files pointing to local yum repository server
Manipulating data using Linux Commands
  • Piping output of command as input to other command
  • Searching data using grep and regular expressions
  • Passing output of command to xargs
  • Extracting data from delimited files using cut
  • Sorting data in files using sort
  • Getting unique values using uniq
System Commands and Standard Directories
  • Getting System Details
  • Disk Usage and Network Monitoring Commands
  • Managing Services using systemctl
  • Managing processes using ps
  • Standard directories for properties, logs, temporary files etc
Regular Expressions and Editors
  • Regular Expressions Basics
  • Regular Expressions Character Classes and Bracket Expressions
  • Regular Expressions Character Classes and Bracket Expressions - Continued
  • Overview of Editors and navigating with in vi editor
  • Manipulating data in files using vi editor
  • Searching and replacing data in files using vi
  • Running shell commands in vi editor and navigate history in shell using vi mode
Shell Scripting and Developing One Liners
  • Agenda
  • Overview of sed
  • Overview of awk
  • Shell Scripting - Hello World
  • Shell Scripting - Program Arguments and Functions
  • Shell Scripting - Basic Programming Constructs
  • Shell Scripting - logging
  • Shell Scripting - Running Scripts in background and scheduling
  • Shell Scripting - one liners to process data
  • Shell Scripting - one liners for admin tasks
Shell Scripting Example - Develop Monitoring Script
  • Different Strategies for Monitoring
  • Running a Command on Multiple Nodes
  • Running Multiple Commands on Multiple Nodes
  • Logging Output of Commands to log file
  • Scheduling Script as job using cron
  • Validate Script by Downloading Files on Multiple Nodes using wget