• What is Operating System
  • Linux Operating System
  • Linux Distributions
Installation and Graphical User Interface
  • How to create bootable pendrive
  • Installation of Ubuntu 20.04
  • Graphical User Interface of Ubuntu
Use of Linux Command Prompt
  • Linux Command Prompt and Basic Command
  • How to use command prompt on linux machine
  • Create directories/folders and files
  • How to use create folders and files using command prompt
  • Installation of software on Linux machine
  • Demonstration of Software Installation
LibreOffice in Linux
  • What is LibreOffice?
  • LibreOffice Writer (Word Processing)
  • LibreOffice Calc (Spreadsheets)
  • LibreOffice Impress (Presentations)
  • LibreOffice Draw (Vector Graphics and Flowcharts)
  • LibreOffice Math (Formula Editing)