welcome to the course
  • what is wirecast and blab
  • getting the most out of this course
  • why i made this course
  • why my courses
  • fighting the fear, jumping into udemy
  • three real world usages of blab and wirecast
  • the 'what microphone, what webcam' question.
getting wirecast working with blab
  • pre-event checklist for doing a blab.im
  • walking around the basics of wirecast, jump in guide
  • understanding virtual camera out setting in wirecast
  • content is reversed in browser in blab
Adding features to your blab.im show using wirecast
  • adding movie playback to your streaming show
  • making playlists in wirecast for unattended playback
Streaming Basics
  • latency is your web video conversational killer
  • cancel all non essential running programs including task bar stuff
  • checking internet speeds with speedtest & pingtest
  • checking internet speeds with speedtest & pingtest urls
  • if you can be wired go wired always over wifi
BLAB Features we would love to see.
  • i'd like to pay (today) monthly for usage of blab and to keep it around
  • community focused acquistion plan for blab
  • sharing to external services (dropbox, transcribing)
  • voting, topics and polls oh my, voting, topics and polls..
Come and Find #teamhumble
  • who am i
  • using transmedia storytelling in a virtual co-working squad
  • FREE DOWNLOAD - 1920x1080 Blab Epic Win Wallpaper