Getting Started
  • About This Course
  • Intro to Lumion for Architects
  • Before You Get Started
Single Model Creation in Lumion
  • Single Model Texturing
  • Single Model Scene Creation
  • Refreshing Models from Sketchup
Animating, Scene Creation and Rendering in Lumion
  • The Grid Technique
  • Assembling in Lumion
  • Grass and Texturing Components
  • Animating Scene 1
  • Animating Scene 2
  • Animating Scene 3
  • 3D Text and Sound Effects
  • How to Render
  • Final Results
Taking Lumion to the Next Level
  • Alternative Methods of Construction Animation
  • Animating Vehicles and People
  • Weather and Scene Effects
  • Show off Your Results!
  • Connect with Me and Civil FX
  • Thank You!
  • Let's See What You Learned