Course Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Course Sections and Learning Outcomes
  • Resources
  • Future of Analytics and Innovation Cycle for Analytics
  • Setup Oracle Analytics Data Visualization Environment
  • Section 1 Quiz - Analytics Innovation
Selecting Data Sets from Different Data Sources
  • Introduction to Data Sets and Data Sources
  • Built-in Data Connectors with Oracle Analytics
  • Connect to Relational Database and Create Data Set for Visualization
  • Oracle Essbase Connection to Create Data Set for Visualization
  • Connect to Big Data Source to Build Visualization
  • SaaS Application as a Source for Data Set and Visualization
  • Oracle Autonomous Database as a Source for Data Sets
  • Leverage Snowflake Connection to Create Data Sets
  • Management of Data Sets and Data Connections
  • Data Sets and Data Connection Quiz
Data Flow Deep-Dive with Oracle Analytics
  • Introduction to Data Flow Business Use Case
  • Build Your First Data Flow - Comprehensive Overview of Data Flow Process
  • Run and Manage Your Data Flow Process
  • Create Multiple Targets with Single Data Flow!
  • Create Execution Sequence with Multiple Data Flows
  • Store Your Data Flow Target Data
  • Data Flow Quiz
Advanced Analytics Made Easy with Oracle Analytics
  • Introduction to Business Use Case for Advanced Analytics
  • Create Reference Line to Examine your Data
  • Create Trend-line to Understand Progressive Stat of Measure in your Data
  • Create Clusters and Outliers on Data Using Single Click Analytics
  • Compare and Understand Outliers with 'Explain' Driven Analysis
  • Leverage Expression Builder to create Advanced Analytic Function
  • Story Telling Your Discovery for Sales Performance
  • Advanced Analytics Quiz
Machine Learning with Data Visualization
  • Introduction to Business Use Case for Machine Learning
  • Analytics Tasks Classification
  • Basics of Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Learn to Make Machine Learn!
  • Machine Learning for Business Users
  • Bike Rental Data Exploration for Machine Learning
  • Build Regression Based Model for Bike Rental Use Case
  • Evaluate Machine Learning Model Performance
  • Leverage Model to Predict Future Bike Rentals
  • Dynamic Analysis with Scenario Modeling
  • Demo Bonus Project: Predicting Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Machine Learning Quiz
Top 10 Features Worth Learning about Oracle Analytics
  • Introduction to Top 10 Features of Oracle Analytics Cloud
  • Top 5 Features for Stunning Visual Experience
  • Top 5 Features for Machine Learning Driven Augmented Analytics
  • Demo: Top 10 Features
  • Thank You!