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Introduction to Freelancing and Upwork
  • What is Freelancing?
  • Pros of Freelancing
  • Cons of Freelancing
  • Which Freelancing Website to Choose
  • Why Choose Upwork?
  • What is Upwork?
  • Upwork Terms of Service
  • Membership Plans and Categories
  • Realistic Look at Job Opportunities
Profile and Proposals. Acing the Virtual Interview
  • What Clients Look for + Determining Your Skills
  • Key Elements of a Proposal
  • Creating a Winning Profile
  • Acing the Virtual Interview
  • Discussing the Terms of Your Agreement
Pricing Your Work and Getting Paid
  • How Much Should I Charge?
  • How Do I Get Paid?
  • Spotting Scams
  • Top Rated Freelancer Program + Benefits
Kicking Butt
  • Asking For Client Feedback
  • Favorite, Free Freelance Tools
  • Marketing Tips: Have Clients Find YOU
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