Introduction of Mandarhythm
  • Ready To Improve Your Mandarin Pronunciation?
  • When To Say The FULL 3rd Tone?
  • What Pitch Does The Neutral Tone have?
  • The Tone Change of "不"
  • "q" & "ch" Sounds Similar?
  • "h" Sounds The Same In Mandarin And English?
  • Where to Put Your Tongue When Saying “r”?
  • "x"---Quite Different Than In English
  • "b"---The Most Overlooked Mistake
  • "ü"---The Easiest Fix
  • Pronounce "e" In British Accent?
  • "ang" In Mandarin="ung" In English?
Special Syllable
  • The Lonely Syllable "er"
  • A Complete Guide OF The Pinyin Letters
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