• Introduction
  • Market Research: Identifying & understanding all the factors affecting business
  • The purpose: Understand the purpose of Marketing
  • USP: Understand the Uniqueness of business offering and diiferentiators
  • Market Segmentation: Understand segmentation, identify customerbase
  • Conceptualizing
  • Competition: Identify competitor, & NOT competitors! Dealing with competitors.
  • Pricing Strategy: How to price, pricing factors, what else to keep in mind
  • Targets and Budget: Goals & Targets, How much to spend in marketing activities
  • Planning
  • Partners and Collaborators: Identifying & collaborating with potential partners
  • Marketing Tools: Types, which ones & how to use them
  • ROI & Analytics: Return on Investment, using data to analyse effectiveness
  • Executing
  • Summing up the course and the way forward in Learning about Marketing