• Introduction
What is marketing?
  • The marketing process & the 4 P's
  • How and where to position your product
  • Segmentation - building audiences & buying personas.
  • Granular marketing - Why your overall marketing strategy should be granular
Segmenting your audience using different segment types
  • Creating your audience using segmentation types
  • Applying your audience - A facebook ads example
Where to find your target audience
  • Learning more about your target audiences
  • Choosing your marketing channels
The structure of your marketing strategy
  • How to structure your strategy to reach your audiences effectively
The different stages of the buying process
  • Awareness - Consideration & Purchase
The funnels of success
  • Pre & Post ad funnels
  • Mathmatical examples of the funnels impact
  • Impact of creative in the funnel
Setting up ads for success
  • The thought process behind effective ad and campaign set up
How to optimize your strategy and campaigns
  • The ACE model