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  • Introduction
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The Importance of Design
  • 3 examples of how bad design results in low user satisfaction
  • How design enabled Apple's turnaround story - stock price up by 600% in 3 years
User Centered Design
  • How user centered design (UCD) methodology helps you build optimal UX
  • How to navigate the sea of UX definitions
  • How you innovate, where you innovate, what you innovate are design problems
  • How to determine the business value of an effective UX
The User Experience Process
  • How to build a culture that supports rapid experimentation
  • How to ideate
  • How to conduct user interviews
  • How to write personas
  • How to write scenarios
  • How usability - a part of UX - is vital for exceptional experiences
  • Quiz 1
Rapid Prototyping Options
  • What rapid prototyping options do you have
  • What is a sketch
  • What is a paper prototype
  • What is a storyboard
  • What is a user interface (UI) mockup
  • What is a partial code prototype
  • What is a quick code prototype
  • What is a quality code prototype
  • What is a video demo
  • Summary
  • Quiz 2
Rapid Prototyping Tools
  • What rapid prototyping tools do you need
  • The UX tool you need to use depends on what you need to do in the first place
  • Quiz 3
Measuring UX
  • How to measure the effectiveness of UX
  • What is Google's HEART Framework
  • What is Google's Goals-Signals-Metrics (GSM) Process
  • Quiz 4
Guidelines for Design
  • What are the best practices for choosing design
  • Why is UX important
  • Understanding UX roles and which one should you go for
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Additional References for Learning
  • Links to 5 user research tools, 15 rapid prototyping tools, 5 user testing tools
  • Connect with Ramesh Chandak