• Introduction - About this course
  • About me
  • What to expect
Pre-Game: What is a Meeting
  • Pre-Game 1: What is a meeting?
  • Pre-Game 2: What is not a meeting?
  • Should you have a meeting?
Before Your Meeting
  • Prepare the meeting information
  • Write and send the meeting agenda
At Your Meeting
  • How to start your meeting
  • How to manage discussions
  • How to close your meeting
  • Are you prepared to run your meeting effectively?
After Your Meeting
  • How to send a meeting recap
  • Outro - What's next
  • Course and Worksheet Summary
Types of Meetings
  • Meeting Types
  • Dailies / Weeklies
  • Training
  • Change Meetings
  • Feedback Meetings
  • Kick Offs
Update for COVID19: Remote Working
  • Introduction
  • Rules for remote working success
  • Communicate with your remote team
  • Which meetings should you be having
  • Be loud... remotely