Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • 5 Indicator Rules You Must Know Before You Start
  • 3 types of indicators for traders
  • 5 Professional Forex Trading Strategies
  • Strategies to Identifying a Trend
  • Tips for successful trend following
  • How to Trade a Ranging Market
  • How to Spot Trend Reversals
Basic Technical Analysis Indicators
  • 3 Ways to Use Moving Average for Your Trading Strategy
  • How to Use Bollinger Bands in Trading
  • How to Draw Trend Lines
  • How to Read Chart Patterns for Beginners
  • How to use stochastics for trading
  • How to trade divergence
Candlestick Patterns Trading
  • 10 Golden Rules for Candlestick Trading
  • Basics of Doji Candlesticks Explained
  • 3 Profitable Doji Candlestick Patterns You Should Know
  • Using candlesticks to spot reversals
Breakout Trading
  • How to Trade Breakouts in Forex
  • How to Avoid False Breakouts
Chart Patterns
  • How to trade double tops and bottoms
  • Heads and shoulder
BONUS Section: Forex Trading Tips
  • How much time should you analyse the markets?
  • 4 Things You Need to Succeed as a Trader
  • How to Retire in 5-6 Years Trading Forex
  • Why Most Traders Lose Money
  • How to Overcome a Losing Streak
  • What Your Brokers Don't Want You to Know!
  • Is it possible for retail traders to make it big?
  • What Professional Traders Do Differently to Make it Big
  • Why you'll never make money in forex
  • 10 Advice from Professional Traders
  • Watch this Before You Quit Your Job to Trade
  • Forex trading risks you can't afford to ignore
  • Truth about trading with small accounts
  • Trade Like a Pro With These Technical Analysis Tips
  • Supply and demand basics
  • Is Scalping Profitable?
  • 20 Trading Lessons I Learned the Hard Way
  • 5 Rules for Trading Entry
  • 5 Rules for Take Profit
  • 4 Tools You Need to Trade Like the Pros
  • Secrets of Top Traders & Hedge Fund Managers
  • Funding Your Trading Account
  • 5 Types of Professional Traders & Their Strategies
  • How Many Trading Screens Should You Have?
  • 10 Things to Include into Your Trading Plan
  • 10 things killing your trading account