• Introduction
  • Get To Know Your Workspace!
  • Create Your Own Workspace Layout!
  • Save Your Work In a File & The Holy Trinity of All (almost) M Files
Variables and Basic Functions in MATLAB
  • Variables Intro
  • Types in MATLAB
  • Naming Conventions
  • The Semicolon Operator
Basic Arithmetic Operations in MATLAB
  • Basic Arithmetic Operations in MATLAB
  • Order of Operations - Brackets, Become a Master of Brackets
The Basics of Vectors in MATLAB
  • Intro to Vectors - What are Vectors?
  • Arithmetic Operations On Vectors
  • Concatenating Vectors
The Basics of Matrices in MATLAB
  • Intro to Matrices
  • Arithmetic Operations on Matrices
Data VIsualization - Visualize Your Data in a Meaningful Way, Express Yourself
  • Creating a Basic Plot
  • Customizing a Plot - Color, LineStyle, LineWIdth, Markers and More
Conditional Statements - Control the Flow Of Your Code
  • The Logical Operators Explained
  • Introduction to Conditional Statements - If/Else With Relational Operators
Loops - Write Less Code
  • How A Loop Works
  • Indexing a Vector with a For Loop
Functions - Reuse Code
  • What is a Function?
  • Your First Function - Input Arguments on Functions
Bonus Section
  • Bonus Lecture: Get My Other Courses With a Discount and Further Your Knowledge