Class Workflow & Getting Started (Initial Setup)
  • Udemy Class Project Workflow
  • Download & Register Your MeasureSquare ID
  • Walkthrough of MeasureSquare Workflow
  • Setting Up Your Measurement System and Theme in Measure Square 8
  • Workflow Quiz
Course Materials and Introduction to Plan Reading
  • Training Guide and Project Blueprint PDF
  • Metric Training Guide and Resources
  • Plan Reading For Floor Estimating
  • Plan Reading for Floor Estimating Quiz
Project Part 1 Importing and Scaling a Blueprint
  • Importing Plan Files
  • Import and Scale Quiz
Project Part 2 Making Products and Product Types
  • Database Structure
  • Making Project Items (roll goods, tile, add-ons etc.)
  • Product Quiz
Project Part 3 Room Drawing (Takeoff)
  • Drawing Project Rooms (Rectangular Rooms, Freedraw Rooms and Autocomplete)
  • Modifying Project Rooms (punching out central rooms, adjust walls, draw walls)
  • Room Drawing Quiz
  • Common Takeoff Topics Stairs, Dividers, Curves, Elevations, Legends and Notes
  • Common Takeoff Topics Quiz
Project Part 4 Assigning Products to a Project
  • Assigning Project Items to a Room
  • Adding Doors and Transitions to a Project
  • Assigning Project Items to Walls
  • Adding Products to a Project Quiz
Project Part 5 Layout and Estimating Products
  • Laying Out Roll Good Products
  • Estimating Roll Good Products
  • Estimating Roll Goods Quiz
  • Estimating Tile Products
  • Estimating Tile Quiz
Project Part 6 Creating a Worksheet and Printing a Report
  • Worksheet Creation
  • Creating a Proposal PDF or Printout
  • Worksheet and Printing Report Quiz
Project Part 7 Project Conclusion and MeasureSquare Cloud and Viewer
  • Uploading a Project to the MeasureSquare Cloud and Sending and Viewing a Measure
System Settings
  • MeasureSquare System Settings
Where To Learn More On Advanced Topics
  • Additional Resources