Welcome !
  • Introduction
  • My conflicts of interest
General knowledge on medical hypnosis
  • Ethics of medical hypnosis
  • Definitions - What is medical hypnosis?
  • How does medical hypnosis work?
  • Is everybody hypnotizable?
  • Is medical hypnosis magic?
  • What is specific in the hypnotic communication?
  • What is the unconscious in ericksonian medical hypnosis?
  • Brief history of medical hypnosis
Important relational skills in medical hypnosis
  • Flexibility / Adaptability
  • Humility
  • Don't try to change the person
  • Being vs. Doing
  • How to develop yourself as a person?
  • Prove that you are listening
  • How to join people where they are?
  • Observe & be curious !
  • Non-verbal communication skills
Important technical skills in medical hypnosis
  • What is a full training in medical hypnosis?
  • Avoid scripts & protocols at all costs
  • What does a typical medical hypnosis session consist of?
  • What are the resources of the person?
  • What are physical signs of the hypnotic state?
  • Watch your words !
  • Skill: "Yes, AND"
  • Using metaphors
  • Using reframing
  • Treating difficult patients
  • What is self-hypnosis?
Current scientific knowledge about medical hypnosis
  • What does medical hypnosis cure?
  • Are there scientific clinical studies backing up the use of medical hypnosis?
  • What type of surgeries can medical hypnosis be used for?
  • Neuroscience of medical hypnosis
  • Quantitative & qualitative clinical research
  • Side effects of medical hypnosis
  • Counter-indications of medical hypnosis
Closing remarks on the course
  • Six basic tips for a safe use of medical hypnosis
  • Goodbye for now !