• Welcome to this course
  • What you can learn in this course
  • About me
  • Some basics about sleep
Exercises for falling asleep
  • Introduction: The barriers: thoughts, tensions and emotions
  • Practice: Dealing with disturbing thoughts
  • Practice: Relaxing the body
  • Practice: Letting go of the tensions
  • Practice: Using your imagination to relax your body
  • Practice: Finding and imagining your personal space of tranquility
  • Practice: Learning to accept all of your emotions
  • Practice: Listening to sentences which heal and relax
  • Practice: Releasing the pressure of having to fall asleep
Practical prerequisites for good sleep
  • Introduction: The barriers: thoughts, tensions and emotions
  • A healthy lifestyle during the day
  • A healthy lifestyle in the evening
  • A healthy lifestyle while going to sleep
  • Conclusion
Sleeplessness as a mirror of your life
  • Introduction
  • Experiment: Do I really want to fall asleep?
  • Practice: Meeting sleeplessness symbolically
  • Right now, do you postpone problems or decisions?
  • Practice: A way to solve your problems
  • Do you carry old anger?
  • Practice: Letting old wounds heal and resolving old anger
  • Care for yourself and be nicer towards yourself!
  • Do you live the life you want to live?
  • Practice: Meeting sleep symbolically
  • Good bye