• Introduction to Micro Investing and the Blockchain
Section 2: Traditional Methods of Investing
  • Variations of Traditional and Non Traditional Investing Models
Micro Investing
  • The Basics of Micro Investing in the Modern World
Popular Crypto Currencies
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple; the cyrptocurrencies of today and the future
Crypto Wallets
  • Paper, Computer or Hard Wallets? Advantages and Disadvantages!
Crypto Currency Exchanges
  • Popular Crypto Currency Exchanges
What is a Blockchain?
  • What are Private and Public Blockchains?
Smart Contracts
  • What is the difference between a traditional contract and a smart contract.
Traditional Industries and the Blockchain
  • Where is Blockchain being used today.
Direct Investing with the Blockchain
  • Examples of fields where you can micro invest using the blockchain
  • What we need to remember!