• Introduction
  • Welcome to Udemy
  • Introduction to Udemy
  • Which version to install?
Downloading and Installing SQL Server
  • Downloading SQL Server
  • Installing SQL Server
Opening SQL Server, creating a table, and adding data
  • Data
  • Opening SQL Server Management Studios (SSMS)
  • Creating a Table
  • Adding and Retrieving Data
The SELECT statement
  • The SELECT clause
  • The FROM clause
  • Using JOINs
  • The WHERE clause
  • The GROUP BY clause
  • The HAVING clause
  • The ORDER BY clause
Other parts of SQL Server
  • Creating Views and Procedures
  • Connecting SQL Server to Microsoft Excel
  • Introducing SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Backing up and Restoring Databases
The end...?
  • Thank you for watching.
  • The end
Installing SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition
  • Downloading SQL Server back engine - the Developer edition - for free!
  • Installing SQL Server back engine
  • Installing SQL Server Front Engine
  • The next step