A complete tour of M S Word 2016 Window
  • Introduction
File Tab of M S Word 2016
  • Info - Protect Document, Marks as final, Encrypt with password, Restrict Editing
  • New and Open command
  • Save and Save As command
  • Print command
  • Share and Export command
  • Options command
Quick Access Toolbar
  • Quick Access Toolbar
Home Tab of MS Word 2016
  • Copy Paste and Cut Paste
  • Font Family Font Size and Increase Decrease Size
  • Change case and Strike Through
  • Bold Italic Underline and Clear all formatting commands
  • Subscript and Superscript commands
  • Text Effects Text Highlight and Font Color commands
  • Format Painter command
  • Bullets - Numbering and Multilevel List
  • Alignments
  • Line Spacing - Borders and Shading commands
  • Styles Group
  • Find Replace and Select
  • Cover Page - Blank Page and Page Break Commands
  • Insert & Draw Table - Convert Text to Table - Excel Spreadsheet and Quick tables