• Welcome and Introduction
  • How to Take The Program?
  • Program Objectives
Create, Save, Close and Open A Document
  • How To Create, Save and Close A Document
  • How To Open Documents Using Recent List?
  • Quiz on Section 2
  • Working With Documents
Working With Templates
  • How To Use Templates?
  • How To Create Your Personal Template?
  • Quiz on Working With Templates
  • Exercise on Template
Basic Editing Techniques
  • How To Select Text?
  • How To Select Text Using Your Keyboard?
  • How To See Non-Printing Characters?
  • How To Cut, Copy and Paste Text?
  • How To Use Office Clipboard?
  • How To Drag and Drop Text?
  • How To Set Paste Options?
  • How To Undo and Redo Actions?
  • How To Find and Replace Text?
  • Quiz on Basic Editing Techniques
  • Find and Replace a Word
Basic Font Formatting
  • How To Change Font Face and Size?
  • How To Use Highlighter and Change Case?
  • How To Change Font Color & Add Font Enhancements?
  • How To Use "Format Painter'?
  • How To Use The Font Dialogue Box?
  • Quiz on Basic Font Formatting
  • Use Format Painter To Format Headings
Basic Paragraph Formatting
  • How To Change Paragraph Spacing?
  • How To Set Alignments?
  • How To Set Indents and Tabs?
  • How To Add Bullets and Numbering?
  • How To Add Borders and Shadings?
  • Quiz on Basic Paragraph Formatting
  • Add Borders and Shading To a Paragraph
Basic Page Formatting
  • How To Add Headers and Footers?
  • Headers and Footers Part 2
  • How To Add Page and Section Breaks?
  • How To Format Text As Columns?
  • How To Color Page and Make Page Borders?
  • How To Use Page Setup Dialogue Box?
  • Quiz on Basic Page Formatting
  • Create Page Border and Shading
Working With Styles
  • How To Apply Styles
  • How To Use Apply Styles Dialogue Box?
  • How To Use The Styles Pane?
  • How To Create A Style?
  • How Modify, Delete Style and Reveal Formatting?
  • Quiz on How To Apply Styles
  • Create and Apply a Style.
Proofreading, Printing and Emailing
  • How To Check Spelling and Grammar?
  • How To Preview and Print a Document?
  • How To Share and Email Documents?
  • Quiz On Proofreading, Printing and Emailing
  • Proofreading
Wrapping up
  • What Next