How This Course Came to Be
  • Personal Journey & Experiences
  • The Distraction Age - Living Other People's Agendas
Essential Mindset Switches - Mindset Mastery
  • Mindset Shift - Everything is a Habit
  • Understanding The Impact of Habits
  • Billionaire Charlie Munger's View on Habits
Habit Changing Done Right - Habit Mastery
  • The Habit Loop - What it is & How it impacts you
  • Micro Changes - How to Make Small Changes Have a Big Impact
  • Changing Your Triggers - Taking Conscious Control of Your Mind
Persistence & Life-Change - How To Keep Habits
  • The Building Blocks - How To Make a Habit Stick
  • The Power of Your Why - The Ultimate Driving Force in our Brains
Course Conclusion - Where to Go Next
  • Execution As A Way of Life
  • The Next Level - Forming Habits That Create Impact