Introduction To The Course
  • Scientifically Proven Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation
  • What I learned in 1000 Hours of Mindfulness Meditation
  • What To Expect Out Of This Course?
  • Corporations Newest Productivity Hack: Mindfulness
  • The Special Mind Training Of Top Performers - Athletes & Self-Made Billionaires
  • What is Mindfulness Meditation?
  • The Big Three Misconceptions - What You Got Wrong About Mindfulness
  • The Importance Of Systematic Practice
  • QUIZ #1 Before We Begin
Simple Stress Reduction
  • Is Stress Really Helping You Out To be Productive?!
  • The Killing Effect Of Stress On Your Body
  • How Breathing Influences Your Physiology
  • Deep Breathing Demonstration
  • [Activity] Deep Breathing Exercise [4 min]
  • [Activity] Guided Meditation: On The Breath [6 min]
Ultra Focus & Concentration
  • The Age of Distraction - And The Myth Of Multitasking
  • The Zen Approach - Focus on One Point
  • [Activity] Guided Meditation: Focus & Concentration [6 min]
The Creative Mind Unleashed
  • What Do The Most Creative Minds Do Different?
  • The Two Types Of Mindfulness Practice
  • The Right Creativity Boost Meditation
  • Creativity Through Scanning Your Body
  • [Activity] Guided Body Scan Meditation [10 min]
Natural CEO Confidence
  • The Importance Of Confidence For Your Success
  • How Can You Use Mindfulness To Boost Your Confidence?
  • [Activity] Guided Confidence Meditation [10 min]
Zen Master Resilience
  • Entrepreneurial Resilience
  • There is No Failure: Resilient Mindful Mind
  • [Activity] Guided Resilience Meditation [10 min]