• Welcome to Mission Possible
  • Effective Ways to Use this Course
  • Why is Sexual Desire or Intimacy so Strong in Men?
Cleanse Your Life from past Sexual Sins
  • Cleanse Your Life through Confession
Prepare to Resist Temptation
  • Look for the Lord’s Way of Escape
  • Love Not Lust
  • Build a Catalog of Positive Mental Movies
  • Personalize Romans 6:1-23
  • Re-Wallpaper Your Hall of Shame
  • Die to Lust
  • Make a Covenant with Your Eyes
  • Take an Anti-Temptation Pill
  • Get Serious about Resisting Sin
  • Prepare for Weak Times
  • Join an Accountability Group
  • Be on Your Guard against Temptation’s Helpers
  • Temptation has a Limited Range
Close Spiritual Doorways
  • Deal with Hidden Wounds