Welcome to the course
  • Hello and welcome to the course
Why choose NoSQL and MongoDB?
  • Introduction to MongoDB
  • How do document databases work?
  • Who uses MongoDB?
Modeling data in document databases
  • Modeling in relational databases vs. modeling with documents
  • The 5 modeling guidelines
  • Integration DBs vs application DBs
  • Getting started with the application / demo code
Mapping classes to MongoDB with mongoengine
  • How ODMs work
  • Introduction to mongoengine
Building the data layer with MongoEngine
  • Demo: Registering connections with MongoEngine
  • Concept: Registering connections
  • Demo: Defining mongoengine entities (classes)
  • Concept: mongoengine entities
  • Demo: Create a new account
  • Demo: Robo 3T for viewing and managing data
  • Demo: Login
  • Demo: Register a cage
  • Demo: Add a bookable time as a host
  • Demo: Managing your snakes as a guest
  • Demo: Book a cage as a guest
  • Demo: View your bookings as guest
  • Demo: View bookings as host
  • Concept: Inserting documents
  • Concept: Queries
  • Concept: Querying subdocuments with mongoengine
  • Concept: Query using operators
  • Concept: Updating via whole documents
  • Concept: Updating via in-place operators
Course conclusion
  • You've done it!
  • Get the code
  • MongoDB in production?