The Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam
  • Applicable Law and Format
Becoming A Lawyer And Losing The Right To Be A Lawyer
  • Becoming A Lawyer
  • Losing Rights / Misconduct
The Lawyer's Relationship With The Client
  • Advertising
  • Solicitation
  • Competence
  • Fees
  • Client Funds
  • Conflicts Between Lawyer and Client
  • Conflicts Between Client And Other Clients
  • Conflicts Between Clients And Third Parties
  • Vicarious Disqualification
  • Withdrawal
Representing The Client With All The Zeal That Is Due
  • Zealous Representation
  • Confidentiality
Maintaining The Integrity Of The Legal Profession
  • Integrity Of The Profession
Judges: Application Of The CJC
  • Code Of Judicial Conduct