Things you need to know before learning
  • Watch this before you start
  • How to download course file
  • How to learn more
  • Excel Road Map and What's covered
  • Get Start with Excel
Excel Formula Hack
  • Simple Calculation
  • Relative and Absolute Reference
  • Autofill
  • 3X your productivity using 3 shortcuts + 1 useful tip
  • Basic Excel Formulas
  • When to use which function and how to learn
  • Check in with you
Excel Function Hack
  • Basic Formatting-From Basic to Best Sequence
  • Group & Freeze Panes - From Basic to Fancy way to use it
  • Format as Table Basic and Why Use it
  • Filter in table and in range, Pros&Cons
  • Conditional Formatting - From Basic to Fancy
  • Format Painter- the Right Way
  • Comment- Best Practice
Bonus Lecture
  • Data Validation - Creative Way for Data Entry
  • Closing Remark
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