Introduction to this Course
  • Introduction to This Course
  • Examples Thermal Models
Solar Energy Fundamentals
  • Solar Energy Fundamentals
  • Worldwide Weather Data
  • Ground Models
Software used to Create Thermal Models with Solar Energy
  • Radiation Heat Transfer
  • Software Used for Thermal Models Involving Solar Heating
Detailed Tutorial Problem
  • Tutorial Workshop Problem PDF File
  • Introduction to the Tutorial workshop
  • Creating the Geometry
  • Adding Materials and Properties
  • Meshing
  • Thermal Radiation Loads
  • Environment Simulation Module (ESM) Setup
  • Running the model for the first time
  • Viewing the Results
  • Rerunning the Thermal Model in the Background
Adding a Near Field Ground Model
  • Creating the Geometry for the Near Field Ground (NFG)
  • Adding Material Properties for the NFG Model
  • Meshing the Ground Model
  • Creating Temperature and Radiation Loads for the NFG Model
  • ESM Setup for NFG Model
  • Running the Thermal Model
  • Viewing the Results in Patran
  • Viewing the Results in Thermal Studio
Changing the Date and Location of the Model
  • Changing the Date for the Model
  • Changing the Location on the Earth
  • Running the Thermal Model at the New Location
  • Comparing the Results to the Original Location
Using the Design Day Feature for Simulating Worst Cases
  • Setting up a Design Day
  • Rerunning the Model
  • Viewing the Results
Summary and Conclusions
  • Applications for this Type of Simulation
  • Other Tutorial Workshops on Thermal Modeling