• Introduction
  • Setting up your PC and Use Case
Application Network
  • Application Network
  • REST and SOAP
  • API-led Connectivity
Design APIs
  • Design APIs
  • JDI: Create API with RAML
  • Publish API to Anypoint Exchange
Anypoint Platform
  • Anypoint Platform and Anypoint Exchange
  • Assets
  • Sem Ver
  • Sem Ver Quiz
  • API Manager and Anypoint MQ
  • CloudHub
  • Create an API with Flow Designer
Anypoint Studio Basics
  • Anypoint Studio Basics
  • APIKit and MySQL
  • Publish to Exchange and Deploy to CloudHub
  • Configure new Policy, SLA Tier and use Client Credentials
  • Mule Events
  • Flows
  • Introduction and Core Functions
  • JSON to XML and vice versa
Anypoint Studio Advanced
  • Error Handling
  • Creating Error Handlers in Flows
  • Sync Data and Trigger
  • For Each and Batch
Thank you
  • Thank you and Good luck